Neon Spring

We invite you to celebrate the Spring Equinox with us, and the return of sunny days, wild nature, and magical animal life to the neon-lit city. True Love Tattoo & Art Gallery presents a group show of selected contemporary artists who explore the themes of life emerging out of death, nature and structure colliding, and rituals of spring's joyous rebirth.

Opening reception
Thursday, March 14, 2019 6-10PM
Music provided by Jimi Jaxon.
Refreshments provided.

Show runs daily 1-9PM from March 14 - May 5, 2019

Participating Artists

Aaron Piland Adam One Amanda Sartor
Angelita Martinez Braden Duncan Eleanor Doughty
Erich Moffitt Eli Nickerson Genevieve St. Charles-Monet
Jordan Goshe Kindra Nikole Maj Askew
Nickolas Gucker Rhodora Jacob Rich Stevens
Robert Bellm Scott Moore Valerie Niemeyer Violet White


You can check out all of the work showing as part of Neon Spring below. Please email us at with any questions or purchase inquiries.

Neon Spring will be showing through May 5th.