Here at True Love we specialize in one-of-a-kind, custom, quality tattoos. Each of our artists are passionate about working closely with their clients to develop a unique piece every time. Check out our artists’ portfolios below.

George Long

With more than two decades of experience, George’s talents span across a wide range of tattooing techniques, style and subject matter. Clients keep coming back to him again and again. The reason is simple: they get what they want, and what they want ends up looking great.
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Jason Middelton

Known for the amazing quality of his line work and attention to detail, Jason Middelton has built a solid reputation for creating beautiful woodcut-style tattoos. He also enjoys collaborating on bold, creative color pieces and works in a variety of styles to translate your idea into a gorgeous tattoo.
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Thomas Sinnamond

With 18 years of tattooing, Thomas brings incredible talent to True Love. With detailed pattern work and strategic use of color, Thomas creates fresh, bold, images that often find their beauty in their simplicity.
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Aaron Campbell

Aaron has been tattooing professionally since sometime around 1995. His work ranges from large, abstract blackwork designs, dotwork and greywash to more traditional colorwork, Japanese, and illustrative styles. He’ll often combine different styles and textures to create one of a kind pattern-pieces.

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Into her third year of tattooing, Battershell enjoys working in a variety of styles, including traditional, illustrative and portraiture.
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Lola Ocian

Tattooing full time since 2010, Lola’s focus in the medium of tattoos revolves around creating works of art that complement the dynamic movement and shape of the human form. Focusing primarily on blackwork, she enjoys exploring unique methods of shading, including dot-work, cross-hatching, and free-form texture.

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